Hook and Teasel seeds are sewn

I have always been a maker

November 2015

My day job working for Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew has been the much needed inspiration to get my creativity flowing again. Since having my wee boy I started knitting clothes for him; booties, cardigans and hats. My mum taught me to knit when I was a young girl where I created wonky scarfs on my bright yellow plastic vintage needles.

Since then I needed no excuse to create pieces for people, new babies (even the new couple who moved in below and our landlord) got some booties in handmade boxes, our close friends girl Juno received a red riding hood cape. This was the piece when I discovered the wonders of crochet, it was only an edging but a revelation. Next on the challenge was a crochet elephant for our friends new baby (we are all at that age), obviously a crochet edge means I am experienced enough to take on a life-size (in relation to the baby at least) tricky zoo animal.

Crochet has given me medium I have searched for throughout my visual arts study. I have re-discovered my love of textiles and heritage craft and am incorporating lace making techniques into my work, including bobbin lace. A new approach ‘freeform’ crochet is such a fluid technique that I feel like I am drawing with thread. My designs are one off, unique pieces, no one else will be wearing your design.

Here’s to Hook and Teasel designs…



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