Makers Market

Morningside Makers Market 

Well we may not have had the footfall given the amazingly beautiful hot weather we seem to be having in Edinburgh at the moment but fun was had none the less. I wore my crochet coral vintage summer dress, jumped in a taxi with many teasel boxes and object d’art and manically set up with only 2 hours (lots of time) before people were expected.

Morningside Makers Market June 4 2016

Here is my vintage inspired living room stall complete with hand embossed teasel cards and lots of smaller items for fathers day including crochet cuff links and kilt pins. I found a beautiful vintage wooden cabinet to display the cards which handily had a wee shelf for the yarn spools and two vintage plastic lamps for my larger signature collar necklace pieces.

Morningside Makers Market June 2 2016

This was my first craft maker fair and I can really see me exhibiting again, maybe in an arts fair and probably not in the height of summer! I love the experience that everything on display was sourced or made by me.

Morningside Makers Market June 3 2016

You may spot the beautiful rose shortbread biscuit sitting beside me, a lovely treat from The Tea Jenny, just beautiful handcrafted tasty floral vintage cakes and goodies,

This is just the start really, keep watching to see my business grow.

It isn’t too late for a father’s day purchase and I have lots of fishing fly kilt pins available. Have a look at the range here


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