Crochet Diagram Laser Cut Cards

I have been exploring my crochet collar and wearable designs through the diagrams that notate their structures. Having had the pleasure of meeting Grace Whowell from Beyond Measure, I stood coveting her stall of vintage haberdashery goods at the Edinburgh knitting and stitching show. Having passed on my embossed Hook and Teasel business card and thinking about exploring the designs in laser cut, Grace gave me the perfect opportunity.

Grace kindly shared her artist contact Stephanie Davies, I am delighted to showcase the wonderful cards that came out of this creative partnership.

The cards are crochet diagrams of my unique freeform designs breaking out of the pattern in a range of vintage inspired colours and contrasting inserts complete with envelope and cello wrapped.

Of course, a traditional granny square card is on the way…

Now available from my Etsy shop @HookandTeasel

Stockist – Beyond Measure – 




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