Day 2 W&W: Wild Teasel


Wild Teasel and dried seed head

One of my favourite wildflowers and also featuring at the Grow Wild Scotland flagship site in Barrhead, Water Works @WaterWorksGrow


My time working with the team and community in Barrhead inspired my business name and look. My illustration was done soon after a visit to the site and bringing back with me cropped seed heads that were so stunning even dead. I decided that this was probably my favourite wildflower and carnivorous too with its stem and leaf pitcher style system.


I particularly like the heritage connection with the flower that Teasels have. They were used in gigs of around 3000 teasel heads to raise the nap in cloth for example in velvet and even though metal combs replaced this purpose it is suggested that nothing has replaced the natural ability from a Teasel. The combing task was called carding named after the scientific thistle name Cardus.


The Welsh for teasel is ysiau’ r cribwr and translates as “the vegetable of the carder” or “the carder’s plant”.

The beautiful purple yarns with a high twist I used for the teasel are sourced from Ginger Twist Studios in Edinburgh (thank you Jess)

Ginger Twist Studios – Jess


The soft pink yarn namely Foxglove from Shilasdair in Skye for the highlighted teasel head. I added a bit of prickle through silk covered steel yarn.

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