Day 4: Sheep’s bit scabious

Also known as Devil bit scabious, the common name Sheep’s bit gets its name due to the fact that sheep like eating it!

Found across the UK but predominantly in Wales and celebrated in Ireland.

Lambs at the Lighthouse on the Mull of Galloway

Quite a few of our Grow Wild community projects have carefully and in a controlled manner, introduced sheep to an area in order to clear the land of invasive species to create more bio-diverse wildflower areas. One of which is our Scotland project at the Mull of Galloway lighthouse, previously a walled kitchen lighthouse keeper garden, the Mull of Galloway Trust are restoring the land to its former glory as an open community space where young people and the local community can learn about habitats, food growing, wildflowers and the bio-diversity that this wild space will and is starting to introduce. Working in collaboration with SNH, Logan Botanics and RSPB planting in this protected area is managed and appropriate native species are being restored.

Find out more about the project here Border Life ITV programme


Another wildflower tomorrow for the last day of #floweraday  #WoolWeek with @GrowWildUK @GrowWildScot @Campaignforwool


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