Crochet Diagram Cards at Yarndale

On a chance meet with the lovely Grace Whowell from Beyond Measure  at the Knitting and Stitching show in Edinburgh, a lovely birthday present and loving the vintage haberdashery. I had been considering laser cut cards doing more designs, I shared my business cards which I designed using embossed crochet diagram designs and Grace loved the design. A crochet business idea was born.

Logo engraved

Grace shared her laser cutter designer contact and the designs I had produced were quickly realised. with inner contrast colour paper. Watch out for my multi colour granny square to come and I would like to design a Scandinavian influenced design for Christmas.

Amethyst Crochet Collar – Broomstick lace stitch

I am delighted that the cards in vintage colours featured at Yarndale with Beyond Measure and they have gained some lovely praise through Lazy Daisy Jones. A lovely array of crochet cards.

crochet-diagram-cardsI like the idea that those who can read the diagram patterns can recreate the simple designs.

Happy crocheting!

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