Day 5: Wild Madder Root

Ok so technically this part of the Madder is not a flower, they are found above ground on the madder, but I loved the colours of the root and so have yarn dyers through the ages. The genus name Rubia (Rubia Peregrina) means red, which is exactly the hue it gives to the yarn, unlike the colour of the flowers a pale yellow/green. It is part of the coffee family and provides a wonderful deep rich stain.

Woollenflower is Julia Billings, knitter and horticulturalist, who experiments with madder and other plant extracts for dyes and testing combination of madder root to accompanying mordants and modifiers. I will allow Jules to explain the technique in her blog documenting the process.


Woollen Flower

Jules very kindly offered me a skein of her Buddleja flowers Shetland 4ply yarn which has a wonderful texture, really looking forward to using it.

Woollenflower Julia Billings – Shetland 4ply yarn from Budleja flowers

Thank you so much to Woollenflower for the lovely yarn and the kind wishes for the project.

Watch out for the final botanical specimen selection @HookandTeasel tomorrow. Watch the Hook and Teasel Etsy shop for future botanical wonders to purchase.



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